Butterflies of Metatron closing meditation

Sunday 18 December at 5.00 pm

As part of the Butterflies Of Metatron exhibition, artist Carla Fletcher has colaborated with Nada Yoga specialist Jessie Neave and musician Tommy Spender to produce a recorded guided visualisation. The 20min visualisation is based on a meditation Carla experienced and inturn became the muse for the exhibtition itself.

We invite you to join us directly after close on Sunday the 18th, when we’ll play the recording over the gallery speakers.

This is not a class, it’s a very casual goodbye to this beautiful show, and to the year!

You don’t need to know anything about meditation or yoga, just turn up! We have chairs, but you’re welcome to sit on the floor or bring a mat for yourself.

5pm for 5:05 start, please don’t be late!

If you’re unable to make it along, you can listen to the recording at your leisure here –